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'Granma's disingenuous explanation of why so many Cubans are emigrating

In "Some truths about the illegal migration of Cubans", an article published in the newspaper Gr

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The lack of a middle class in Cuba and the economy's decline

The middle class occupies an intermediate position between workers and the business class.

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Yes, Cuba is a Failed State

"The U.S. government is following a script, seeking to portray Cuba as a failed state," grumbled Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla on Wednesday, November 10, during his appearance before the accredited diplomatic corps in Cuba.

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Public Demonstrations: Crime or Right?

Public demonstrations - a social phenomenon never seen in Cuba in the last six decades - broke out across the country, simultaneously, with a wave of massive protests on 11 July.

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Raúl Castro Steps Down as Head of the Communist Party. Now, What About Cuba?

In 1958, according to that year's sugar almanac, Cuba produced 72% of everything consumed in the country, and imported the other 28%.

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The Cuban Economy and the Latest the Chicken-or-the-Egg Paradox

The age-old dilemma about which came first, the chicken or the egg, which since ancient times has generated so many philosophical disquisitions, has its very own version in Cuba; more down-to-earth, but no less useless.

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Cuba’s Quandary: A Market Economy or Famine

According to the 1958 sugar industry almanac, a year before the revolutionaries took power Cuba produced 72% of everything that was consumed in the country, and imported the other 28%. Today it produces approximately 20% and imports 80%.

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Down with embargoes

The pandemic of the new SARC-CoV2 coronavirus has re-launched the issue of the US embargo on Cuba. Several people and associations are calling for its elimination.

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